cigar Borek, battered squid, breaded shrimp, cheese balls, fries, Chef's sauce

Hot appetizer platter for 2 persons
450 гр.
1250 руб.
kursot foto eng.png

cheese, hummus, haydari, shakshuka, chicken, vegetables, dolma

Assorted from the chef
350 гр.
690 руб.

pirzola, steak, tandoor, Sach tava, vegetables

Chef grass for 2 persons
900 гр.
2500 руб.
Soganli kebab
300 гр.
1150 руб.

Parmesan, tenderloin, Dor blue, vegetables, fries

Turkish delight Burger
400 гр.
950 руб.
Turkish delight beef
300 гр.
1350 руб.

beef tenderloin, minced meat, cheese

Pide from Chef
300 гр.
900 руб.

Romano, Gouda, grilled veal, pickled cucumbers, cherry, olives, egg, greens, chef's sauce

Salad from the Chef
300 гр.
690 руб.

lamb on the bone

Kuzu Sirti
500 гр.
1350 руб.